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 2014 RETAIL PRICELIST              




                         VANTAGE POINT ARCHERY (VPA)
2014 msrp $44.95/3PAK/160-300gr.


1) One that terminates life by way of 3 razor-sharp blades.
2) The Broadhead of choice for serious Bowhunters!

The Terminator is a solid 3-Bladed-Head, machined with precision to give you perfect flight every time. No weld lines or brazing combined with the pyramid style chiseled points give the broadhead "bone-splitting" strength.

"A-Z Power!"
From Antelope to Zebra or what ever your game may be, the Terminator will take care of business. Compatible with all bow and arrow combinations. Put a Terminator in your quiver and experience why we tell everyone "This Ain' t Your Daddy's Broadhead!"™




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